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belumina's Journal

Belumina Icons
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Hello and welcome to belumina, a graphics community maintained by xhaengbok. The majority of the icons posted here revolve around the stocks variety with the occasional sprinkle of animanga and celebrities. Feel free to join and/or watch this community.

001 CREDIT - Please credit when taking any icons.
002 COMMENT - Comments are not neccessary, but they would be appreciated.
003 UPLOAD - Please upload the icons to your own server.
004 DO NOT EDIT - Please do not edit any of the icons.
005 ENJOY - I hope you enjoy my icons.


experimntl // vibrant_notion // jadeite_icons // _kentsuburi // luna_novem
helium_icons // twistedcuteness // ohsnape // bulletscarnage // kismet_icons
nefarious_icons // dragonicons // aureate_icons // reggie_icons // aprilashes
epitomeicon // jealouss // faerydreamz
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